Have you ever visited a service shop only to be told that you need a service you are SURE has been previously done or that you have a warranty for? However, you can’t find the record and neither can the repair shop. Have you ever wondered if a shop is stealing from you because, with your busy schedule, you can’t remember if you replaced the wheel bearing or brake pads? Now you have to pay full price because there is no record.
Have you ever purchased a part from an auto parts store, but you can’t find the receipt nor can you remember what phone number, e-mail or address that the warranty was put under?
We can help! Our service will keep track of your automotive records and receipts for you! No more keeping everything piled up in your glove box. No more hours spent searching through boxes in your home to see if you actually kept that receipt or wondering if you threw it away.
What does our service provide? We will keep track of your repairs, parts purchases, and associated warranties whether you use one service or parts shop or multiple. Simply take a clear picture of or scan your receipt or invoice for the repair or purchase and e-mail it to us along with the phone number, name, e-mail or address used. We will help simplify your life by simplifying your records.